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🐳 Introduction

Crossbell is an ownership platform composed of

  1. an EVM-compatible blockchain
  2. a protocol implemented by a set of smart contracts

Specifically, the information generated from social activities will be the initial form of data-ownership by users on Crossbell.

This repository is the implementation of the protocol.

⚙ Development

Install foundry if you don't have one:

# install foundry
curl -L | bash

Compile and run tests:

yarn test
#run single test function using --match-test
forge test --match-test testXXX  -vvvvv
#run single test contract using --match-contract
forge test --match-contract xxxTest  -vvvvv
#run a group of tests using --match-path
forge test --match-path test/...  -vvvvv


forge script scripts/Deploy.s.sol:Deploy --private-key $PRIVATE_KEY --broadcast --legacy --rpc-url $RPC_URL --ffi                   
forge script scripts/Deploy.s.sol:Deploy --sig 'sync()' --private-key $PRIVATE_KEY --broadcast --legacy --rpc-url $RPC_URL --ffi